Sex ed for this century 

I believe that sexuality is an important and dramatically misunderstood aspect of our complex identities. I think that most people have received very flawed messages about their bodies, intimacy, sexuality, pleasure and risk and that (for the most part) these messages have been passed down to our children in a very damaging cycle. I believe that most people are dissatisfied with what they’ve been taught about sexuality and want something better for themselves and their children.

My goal is to present a new narrative, one in which sexuality is a normal and healthy part of identity, where pleasure is central and prioritized, where consent and communication are expected and modeled, where access to information guides healthy decision-making, where stigma and shame are absent and where curiosity and learning is continuous.

By equipping people of all ages with empowering knowledge and skills so that they better understand how healthy bodies, intimacy and relationships function, I hope we can create meaningful change for ourselves, our children and our communities.

Giving THe Talk 

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