Giving THe Talk 

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Honest, compassionate and empowering human development education tailored to meet the needs of your specific setting and population. 

  • One-day workshops as well as ongoing series available 
  • Lesson plans and resources 
  • Scientifically accurate and aligned with current research and best-practices 
  • Skills-based, student-centered and interactive 

Examples of previous workshops or curricular units include: 

  • Four session Puberty education series for 4th or 5th grade students covering anatomy, emotional and physical changes, hygiene, communication, and responses to student questions
  • Six session Human Development series for 6th grade covering: emotional and physical changes, gender roles, identifying and communicating boundaries, communication skills, romantic relationships, and accessing resources 
  • Four to twelve sessions tailored for 9-12 Grade students covering healthy relationships, sexual orientation, gender and identity, boundaries, consent, sexual decision-making, Sexually Transmitted Infections, safer sex and pregnancy prevention, accessing resources, pornography and media literacy, and abuse/violence prevention
Healthy Oakland Teens Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Curriculum, 2015


Curriculum & Presentations for K-12 Schools

Sex ed for this century