Sex ed for this century 

Giving THe Talk

Talking with your children about their bodies and sexuality is one of the more daunting responsibilities of parenthood. Most individuals remember "the talk" their parents had with them as both uncomfortable and ineffective. Without good models to follow, many parents avoid the topic entirely, hoping their children get the necessary information somewhere else. In this era of information overload, children will find answers to their questions using the resources available: friends, the internet, and pornography. Unfortunately, the answers they get are likely to provide misinformation which will (at best) confuse, and (at worst) provide a basis for potentially dangerous decisions. 

What many parents don't realize is that they have been providing the most important aspects of "the talk" since birth: modeling respectful and caring relationships, communicating about feelings and needs, talking about public vs private and taking care of basic health needs. With a small bit of coaching and some effective tools, parents are empowered to support their children with compassionate and honest sexual health information in a way that won't leave anyone with horror stories. Instead, you might find your relationship with your child stronger and and more trusting. 

Individual and group coaching sessions are available. Presentations for parent organizations and schools can be tailored to meet the needs of the specific population. 

Coaching and support for parents


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